Black Love: The Interviews

Rochelle Aytes & CJ Lindsey

Episode Summary

In this 2017 interview for the second season of Black Love Doc, actors Rochelle Aytes and CJ Lindsey share their love story.

Episode Notes

When actors Rochelle and CJ first met in 1998 it was just in passing as two students attending the same college in New York. Their love story wouldn't truly begin until over a decade later when they would reconnect in Los Angeles as they both were pursuing their dreams. An overly awkward first date didn't make the situation any easier. After CJ realized he wasn't ready to jump into a new relationship, the two parted ways once again. Flash forward to 2014 and CJ is finally ready to get back into the dating scene, but there was only one person he was really interested in: Rochelle. In this 2017 interview from the second season of Black Love Doc, Rochelle and CJ share everything that transpired from there and the trials that would come up along the way.


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