Black Love: The Interviews

Edwina Findley & Kelvin Dickerson

Episode Summary

In this 2015 Black Love interview, Codie and Tommy sit with Edwina Findley and Kelvin Dickerson to discuss their relationship, marriage, and celibacy journey.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Black Love: The Interviews! When Codie and Tommy sat down with Kelvin and Edwina in 2015, the couple had only been married for almost three years. It would be hard to believe because they were so in tune with each other. There was one thing that stuck out to that Edwina said. That was “to trust God’s timing” and their relationship and this interview shows just that. After all the breakups and getting back together they did, you just have to believe that they made it back to each other just as they were supposed to. 

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